BLIPMAP Archive Viewer
BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP
Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening,  Meteorologist  
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BLIPMAPs predict thermal soaring conditions resulting from surface heating of the Boundary Layer, using numerical weather model predictions to provide parameters suited to the needs of soaring pilots.  Users of this viewer are assumed to be familiar with BLIPMAP and its parameters, as described on the parameter information webpage

Note:  An alternative archive viewer which can overlay a IGC trace on an archived RAP BLIPMAP is available at

Note:  You can also get these images directly via the internet, without having to use this browser, by using a URL ala 
where the capital letters refer to parameters supplied by you to get the desired map.  To determine those parameters, display a map you are interested in the viewer and then note the parameter values given in the "MAP URL" window.