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Updated July 30, 2007

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For information on the Registration system, see:  Registration Information webpage

For information on Subscribing see:  Subscription Information webpage

If you experience problems displaying maps after registering:  User Problems section of Registration Information webpage

The following are suggested first steps in learning what BLIPMAPs are and how to use them:

  1. A good "first thing to read" for potential BLIPMAP users, giving an overview of BLIPMAP predictions, is the on-line version of the July 2002 SOARING magazine BLIPMAP article

  2. You must choose between two different forecast models, the NAM or RAP (but if you want a forecast for tomorrow you must use the NAM model), so go the the "BLIP Forecast Models webpage", read their descriptions, and click one of the link to get to that model's regional BLIPMAP forecasts. 

  3. Skim the sections and information on your regional BLIPMAP page so you will know what is there for later reference.  Note that BLIPMAP plots available from links on this page are for only a single time of day

  4. Read BASIC thermal forecast parameters  - a short and simple list of the parameters most important for thermal soaring

  5. For daily forecasts, you will want to start with a few important parameters and later employ additional parameters after gaining experience.  The most important parameter is likely either Hcrit (for flat terrain) or BL Top (for complex terrain).  You might add the "Cumulus Cloud Potential" prediction if it is expected to be important in your region.  Scanning the parameter descriptions will indicate what other predictions are also available. 

  6. Clicking on the "CurrentDay" (for NAM) or "Latest" (for RAP) link obtains the most recent prediction for a parameter. 

What NEXT ?

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