BLIPSPOT Renewal Information

To ensure that BLIPSPOTs are actually being utilized and thus provide value to pilots - and to help offset the operational costs of the BLIP processing program - my policy (as announced on the BLIPSPOT Creation webpage) is to require a annual charge of $50/year to maintain production of a BLIPSPOT.  You can renew an existing or expired BLIPSPOT by making a $50 payment using one the following procedures.  To reduce my accounting burden, renewal occurs in March for all BLIPSPOTs with termination following 3 months after that - i.e. for the first year you can be paying for fewer than (or more than) 12 months.  Please include the name of the BLIPSPOT in your message!  And if you are a new contact person or if your email address is a new one (less than a year old), include any contact point or email address change so you will next year's expiration/renewal notification. 

(1)  by Credit-Card
  (via PayPal but PayPal account not required)
(use the "If you do not currently have a PayPal account" option button that will appear)


(2)  from your existing PayPal account:

by clicking on this button

(3)  send a check to:

  Jack Glendening
  25953 Deer Run Lane
  Salinas, CA 93908  
(and please provide your email address!)

I will let you know by email when your BLIPSPOT has been renewed.