BLIPMAP PROJECT TO-DO LIST         Updated May 5, 2003

>   Wind plots at different heights in BL

LARGE PROJECTS   (estimated more than 3 working days)
>   Write-up plans for ETA-BLIPMAP expansion
>   Modify+test existing programs (calc+plot) for ETA-BLIPMAPs
>   Contract ETA-BLIPMAP processing machine, build new processing site
>   Create new website for ETA-BLIPMAP output
>   Create webpage to view archived blipmaps older than previous day
    (seeking a volunteer knowledgable in coding HTML with frames and forms to help with this)
>   Create webpage to plot IGC flite track over BLIPMAPs

SMALL PROJECTS   (estimated 1-3 working days)
>   Add two parameters for explicitly predicted clouds: integrated cloud water and cloud base
>   Change to scalar windspeed averaging, esp. for B/S ratio
>   Allow non-integer number printout on colorbar
>   Investigate possibility of creating lat/long plots
>   Use constant colors for parameters when possible
      (requires analysis/knowledge of "normal" parameter range)

      (requires alteration of calc+plot programs to pass parameters)

      will do when alter calc+plot codes for ETA-BLIPMAPS

>   Create listing of loaded image names for javascript viewer
    (seeking a volunteer knowledgable in javascript to do this)

QUICK STUFF   (estimated less than 8 working hours)
>   Test accuracy of 2m Temp and DewPt calcs
>   Add CAPE to BLIP printouts
>   Update many webpages
>   Solicit and post user experiences per user survey

>   Include condensation heating effect in W*  (might make results overly sensitive to bad cloud predictions and heating rate requires temporal eqn calc)

Color key:
red = items of personal interest/importance
black = stuff which "should be done"

DONE ITEMS   (with required time)
Mar 22: >   Created "help" page Mar 21: >   Improve parameter descriptions on webpage = 15 hours
Mar 20: >   Add Google Site Search Mar 18: >   Create webpage with links to existing soaring meteorology explanations on the web
Mar 17: >   Add "ticker" to viewer Mar 13: >   Activate additional forecast times
Feb 13: >   Create regional "climatology blipmaps" for each month based on 2002 forecast = 44 hours
Feb 9: >   Calculate BLIPMAP parameter statistics for 2002 = 11 hrs
Feb 8: >   Modify Blipmap Forum software = 17 hours
Feb 5: >   Establish a BLIPMAP discussion group = 7 hrs
Jan 29: >   Create at-a-point BLIP creation info page for additional locations nationwide = 3 hours
Jan 27: >   Incorporate (pre-existing!) sfc-humidity-based cloud-base estimate = 3 hours
Jan 20: >   Prepare talk for SSA convention
Jan 17: >   Conduct user survey, calc response statistics, writeup+post summary = 53 hours
Jan 6: >   Add data file output for SeeYou input = 1 hour
Jan 1: >   Create+send BLIPMAP "hero" awards
Dec 27: >  Add map with location identifier points for all regions = 20 hours
                      (required alteration of plot program to allow point overlay)
Dec 25: >   Expand NW grid into Canada = 6 hours
Dec 23: >   Create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage = 5 hours