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DrJack sez:   (Latest 5 news items)
Apri 10, 2023:  Server Costs: 
    Yearly Expenses:  website ~$600 + registration ~$100 = $700 / year
    Yearly Income:  2022: $534

October 9, 2023:  Gmail problem:  Gmail is now rejecting mail sent from this site, so Gmail users cannot now get 'subscriber' info sent to them.  Am working on problem, but may take awhile since am not linux mail server knowledgeable and reported problem seems arcane ("IP address sending this message does not have a PTR record setup" - but my PTR record seems setup correctly).

All BLIPMAPs are now freely available to registered users.  Registration (free) is needed for direct (no-nag-screen) forecast access.  New users can
Register here.  Currently registered users can Logon (get new cookie) here or view registration (cookie) status here.  More info is available at the Registration Information webpage. 
There are many advantages to having one person's knowledge be shared and available to others, so I expect most BLIPMAP issues to be handled through the Blipmap Forum and ask those who have a question or problem or experience which could be of interest to others to post it there.  This allows others to comment on the matter if they have any personal experience and also allows any response I make to be read by others.  If you send me an email, I will respond personally only if it's nature is not appropriate for such posting - in other cases I will simply reply with a request to post to the forum. 
I only look at the webpages and maps that I use personally or that I suspect might contain an error.  If you notice a consistent problem with either, please post a message on the Blipmap Forum.