"How to experience soaring" "Title"                     
This slide's title:  Soaring Meteorology for Power Pilots

Soaring Meteorology for Power Pilots

These slides were used for the presentation given at a DelMonte Aviation continuing education seminar in Monterey on November 15, 2003

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Soaring vs Gliding
Glider Performance
Glider Types
Glider Comparison
Soaring = staying in lift
Knowing where the Lift is
Soaring Meteorology
Lift Types
Example: Hollister to Truckee Flight
Meteorology for THERMAL soaring
Thermal Lift Diagram
Meteorology for RIDGE soaring
Ridge Lift/Turbulence Diagram
Meteorology for CONVERGENCE soaring
Meteorology for WAVE soaring
Soaring Predictions: BLIPMAP
Power Plane Concerns
Mountain Wave/Rotor
Mountain Wave and Turbulence Diagram
Topographic Effects
Topographic Turbulence Diagram
Downwind Ridge Dangers
Convective Turbulence
Sailplane Techniques for Marginal Aircraft
How to experience soaring

This slide's title:  Soaring Meteorology for Power Pilots
"How to experience soaring" "Title"